AUTHOR: Rempel, Byron
TITLE: No Limits: The Amazing Life Story Of Rhona And Rhoda Wurtele, Canada's Olympian Skiing Pioneers
PRICE: CAD$ 40.00
CATEGORY: Biography & Autobiography
ISBN: 097838900X
BOOK ID: ZB-013333

Publisher: Twinski Publications, Canada, 2007. Binding: Trade Paperback.

A wonderful story of the Wurtele twins, pioneers on the Canadian ski scene. "As a ski reporter for the Montreal Gazette in the 1940s, I watched Rhona and Rhoda win race after race. They were truly phenomenal as they tamed the wildest hills. But I knew nothing of their later lives until I read this book. It led me to further admiration as I learned how the twins overcame many hardships and brought up, between them, seven children, all of whom have had outstanding careers. The book is much more than a chronicle of sporting achievement; with its revealing sidelights it is also a valuable contribution to the social history of Canada in the Twentieth Century:" - William Weintraub