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How to use


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  • 1. READ each page of the story on screen.

  • 2. CLICK the SOUND ICON to listen to the story narration & music while reading.

  • 3. CLICK on the EMPTY BOXES to type the answers to the questions on screen.

  • 4. ROLL the MOUSE to access the electronic answers on each page.

  • 5. RESPOND to the factual and discussion questions in a side bar on each page.


  • Adolescent enthralled—by intriguing fairy tale, THE NORTHERN ISLE OF DREAMS. Barbara Black, Montreal Gazette Children’s Book Critic, Canada

  • The story is beautifully narrated on a companion CD with music and sound effects. Useful for a Fairy Tale Unit or as an independent enrichment activity in a learning centre or resource room setting; these four story workbooks encourage vocabulary enrichment, and critical and creative thinking through an entertaining medium that children will enjoy, Canadian Teacher Magazine.

  • I liked the short excerpts. It fitted well with my short time slots, and the children were enthusiastic about doing the exercises. Mary Pachkowsky, Grade 5 Teacher, St. Lambert, Quebec, Canada.

  • I used the PRINCE CHAMELEON STORY WORKBOOK as a shared reading exercise. I found the work was pitched at exactly the right level. The story promoted a really interesting discussion, and the whole held the children’s attention throughout, giving rise to further discussion at a later date. Darrel Debenham, Deputy Head Teacher, Year 6, St. George the Martyr Primary School, Holborn, Central London, U.K.

  • The rich language makes learning enjoyable and rewarding. Zena Faith Levine, Montreal Review of Books.

  • I have a three-year-old girl who is mesmerised by the stories and pictures. Brilliant concept! Jezz Wright, Producer of the Jack&Holly Audio Visual Series, Media lecturer, City College Norwich, U.K.

  • The children found the language and imagery vivid and stimulating. Sarah Cunningham, Year 3 Teacher, St. George the Martyr Primary School, Holborn, Central London, U.K.

  • The PRINCE CHAMELEON STORY WORKBOOK is most impressive, Karen Findlay, School Librarian, Royal West Academy, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

  • The children were enchanted by PRINCE CHAMELEON...spellbound. Gail Robinson, Grade5/6 Teacher, Elizabeth Ballantyne School, Montreal West, Quebec, Canada

  • Thank you for the MIRROR AND THE BEAST STORY WORKBOOK; I was absolutely enchanted by it. What you are doing at Prince Chameleon Press is of vital importance—to expand the mind and imagination, and enrich the vocabulary of the upcoming generation. Shirley MacGregor, retired Lecturer, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada.

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Christina Manolescu, Publisher, Prince Chameleon Press

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