Before the obsession came the inspiration: in this case, a group of people who met by chance one morning in a cafe and decided to get together to write and critique each others’ work. Some of these people are now members of the editorial team for sunday @ 6.

The members of the editorial team, all artists in their respective fields, have a profound understanding of the creative process. Their choices are based on that initial insight where a story, poem or essay captures the imagination or sparks a recognition of the humanity we look for in ourselves, and in our writing.

The name sunday @ 6 evokes for me the notion of a literary salon of the Enlightenment or ‘la belle époque’: eras when literary-minded individuals would come together to discuss literature, art or music. An online publication does not bring people into the same physical space but it does provide a place where minds can meet, albeit virtually. The comments box at the bottom of each page provides a point of interaction between writer and reader.

The graphic design of the mag hopefully captures the mood of these earlier periods of intellectual excitement but functions technically much like a modern day e-reader, allowing one to scroll easily down the page without either columns or tiny print to distract the gaze.

The goal of sunday @ 6 is to offer local writers and poets the opportunity to publish their work and find a readership in their communities. Each edition will also feature writers and poets with national and international reputations.