Right this way, your table’s waiting:
7:30 PM: Doors open
Rock intimiste, onirique, poétique…

Expect to sweat. On April 13th, singer-songwriter Kimberly Bourgeois will be joined by Daniel Zanella on drums, Richard Ranger on bass, and Daniel Loyer on keys.

How will it sound?

-Like stepping into an electric lipstick lounge with a shot of spring fever on the rocks
-Like a garden of lush lullabies in full sonic bloom, guaranteed to make your heart go boom (chica boom chica boom boom boom)
-Like Romeo loves Juliet, and Julie baby digs the heat
-Like you’re glad you brought your dancing shoes, and oh what-a-lovely-way-to-meet.

KIMBERLY & THE DREAMTIME—un concert enveloppant, hypnotisant, séduisant: http://www.kimberlyandthedreamtime.com

9 PM: MONA LISSA & THE BRINK skillfully present urban ballads that are intimous and jazzy to the bone! This accomplished Montreal-based band consists of Mona Lissa (vocals), Tasso Goudis (guitar), Matt Bergbusch (bass) and Nicholas Knight (percussion). Listen to a sneak preview of their new acoustic set, and let them lure you with their evocative sound: